About Nepeansea Road, Mumbai

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We the residents of Nepean Sea Road are privileged to be housed in one of the heritage neighborhoods with best amenities and security also due to the head of the Government Residing here. Our objective of this site is to SHAME the people who are irresponsible and people who misuse or abuse the infrastructure and resources belonging to the Nepean Sea Road residents. This includes the trucks illegally parked, as well as few very rich, highly educated ILLITERATE members of the area who are always in a haste to go first, leading to crazy traffic at various junctions including at PDP junction, outside Rambha and many more spots. We cannot always depend on an authority to show the stick, we are highly cultured and educated individuals and the best way is to inculcate good habits. By self initiative or by pressure. Hence SHAMING those who behave irresponsibly, will be a very nice way to do create a proactive environment of good driving practices & conduct. Please post picture of people and vehicle numbers who behave inappropriately with your comments and requests.